Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Valentine's Day Should Be

Valentine's Day, February 14th, is on Sunday this year. That probably will mean less deliveries to one's workplace, and more going out to dinner this weekend. Money will be spent and loving attention will be paid to that special someone . . perhaps on the day itself, or the entire weekend. After it's over, it's back to the same old routines. How sad is that!

I propose that we make an effort to keep the intent of Valentine's Day alive and well all year long, not just with our loved ones, but with others as well, by keeping the spirit of holiday in caring for all. I'm willing to try. How about you?

Here's a peek at some of my guests on Coffee Chat who care for others in their own special way. More reasons to tune in to WKXL1450 am and 103.9 fm every day.

The Concord Coachmen Barbershoppers have five quartets that will be delivering music and love for Valentine's Day again this year (two days really, Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th). They sang for us as my guests on the show on Friday and literally brought me to tears. Check out what they offer:

The Community Players of Concord are at it again. They're ready to make us laugh to help us get through the cold winter month of February with a perfect Valentine date. Go see their production of "The Underpants". Pat Delzell, the Director of the show, will be on Coffee Chat this Friday, Feb. 12, which is the opening day of show.

Kathy Salanitro is the owner of Ox-K Farm. What an interesting story she had to share with us a few weeks ago. What became the love of pets in raising oxen on her farm, developed in her work with children and teens interacting with the oxen to help them find their inner strength and build their self confidence. Her caring for others and for these animals makes it Valentine's Day every day at her farm in Gilford.
Above is a photo of "Jake" talking to Kathy. Visit her website:

Want to know what's happening with Kimball Jenkins Estate since their recent public forum?
Tune in on Monday, February 8th. You'll also learn the history of Carolyn Jenkins who left the wonderful gift of the estate to the community.

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