Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where will we all be in 13 years? Apparently, I'll be "Up There"

What does a 7 year old know about heaven? Apparently, my granddaughter Avery knows something I don't. While chit chatting with her recently, we got on the subject of what she might be doing when she's 20 years old. She told me, in a very matter of fact way, that I would not be here with her. Surprised by that comment, I asked her, "Where will I be"? With a smile on her face, she pointed up to the sky. I asked her what she meant and she told me, "You'll be with God in heaven." She must have sensed that her comment upset me a bit, and continued by saying, "but you'll always be with me in my heart." Now, I'm not sure what to make of that except to hope that this child is not psychic. In any case, it got me to thinking about all the things I haven't had a chance to do in my life like: write a play; travel with my husband cross country in an RV; produce a video documentary; publish a book; be a stand up comedienne; spend many years with my family! Thank goodness I have a sense of humor and still have that ambitious streak in me that wants to explore, learn and experience life to the fullest while I still can. So, what's my point? I've discovered in that brief discussion with Avery that I should take every day, one day at a time, pledging to enjoy every minute of it . . . while I still can!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finding Fairies

While visiting Portsmouth with our granddaughters and their parents on Saturday, September 20th, we thought we'd drop by and see what was happening at Strawbery Bank. Little did we know that this was the day of the Fairy House Tour. Arriving at the tail end of the event, with only 1/2 hour remaining, we were able to stroll onto the grounds and find some of the fairy houses that were tucked away among the trees and bushes. Avery, the 7 year old, had toured Strawbery Banke with her class and eagerly gave us some of her historical perspective of the buildings from what she remembered. The tour with her fellow classmates obviously left a positive impression on her. It was a beautiful day and I was able to take some nice photos of the girls as they looked for fairy houses. They were disappointed in not finding any fairies however. As I looked at their sweet faces, I knew that I was in the presence of my very own little fairies and thought to myself . . . "It really doesn't get much better than this!"

Talk to you soon.